Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hoodoo Tip: Conjure Hand Sanitizers

So this is just another idea I had and which I have been toying with for a while. I know many workers like to wash or rinse their hands before starting any spiritual work. I myself will use Florida Water, Holy Water, whisky, or even rubbing alcohol before I begin my work. The problem I have is that it tends to go fast and of using too much at a time. One way around this is to create a hand sanitizer containing such. That way you can be sure to make it last a lot longer by just using one or two spurts at a time.

To make Florida Water hand sanitizers simply purchase the brand and size of hand sanitizer of your choice. Open it up and pour some of it into a container. You might need to take out perhaps a third of the contents. Add about the same amount of Florida Water as you took out. Then shake up the bottle. You will notice that all of the bubbles that were in the mixture an which served only as a decorative function are now gone. This is actually good. The loss of the bubbles means more room for additional product. So go ahead and fill up the bottle with as much as possible from the contents you removed. Also, if you prefer you can also add a couple of drops of blue and green to give it a nice tint, similar to the color of Florida Water. One more thing, you can also add essential oils to the mixture. For example, what if you don't exactly have any Florida Water on hand? Well, Florida Water is a toilette cologne containing a mixture of cinnamon, orange, and various florals. Try experimenting when such essential oils until you get a nice mixture. Of course you can always use Florida Water and the touch it up a bit by adding the same essential oils.

You can also make up other types of conjure hand sanitizers by steeping herbs and roots in alcohol, either a strong vodka or clear liquor, or even rubbing alcohol. Then simply add this to the hand sanitizer in place of using Florida Water.

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