Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hoodoo Tip: Substition For Magnetic Sand When Working With Magnets/Lodestones

Just a brief tip here, if you work with magnets and lodestones and use the traditional method of deploying them, that is by adding pinches of magnetic sand to them every day for a set number of days, then running out of magnetic sand can be a bad thing. Well, the answer is quite simple. I would suggest substituting with either metal paper clips and/or open safety pins. Instead of a pinch you can just add one each day. If you use the safety pins then you have the extra symbolism of snagging what you want and again drawing it to you over and above the symbolism of the magnet or lodestone itself. I have tested this myself and I can assure you it works. You may need to adjust your command phrase you speak over your magnet/lodestone to reflect this change though.

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