Thursday, December 3, 2020

Neat Conjure Tip For A Holiday Gift......Amulet Wall Hangings


Looking for a cool, DIY magical Christmas gift for these COVID times?  How about making deorative amulet wall hangings/Christmas Tree decorations!  You can even hang them in the car if you want.

Above is my cross that conceals Psalm 91, a SATOR square, one of the earliest symbols of Christianity,  and anti-Lilith charm complete with the three Angels who pursue her (Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semengelof), as well as "Adam and Eve barring Lilith:", and finally an ABRACADABRA charm, all on wood pieces bought at the dollar store. 

These take colored ink and even colored pencils rather nicely. Attach whatever you may and be creative about it. On my SATOR square I used the copper wire left over from some fairy lights I bought that did not work. It looks pretty cool. I gave them a quick rinse in brown paint that I severely wattered down to give it an aged appearece. When they are dry simply attach a hanger and felt to the back if you prefer.

I think I'm going to make some Planetary squares next, followed by actual seals from the various grimmoires. I might even make some with pictures of old hoodoo catalogs, such as from King Novelty. I'll be sure to post them as I complete them.  

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