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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Weird Sh*t Psychic Have To Deal With

 So just to give people an idea of what it's like to be psychic, consider the following;

The other day I wake up and am literally brushing my teeth and I say to myself, out of the blue, "What a wonderful day to buy a Tiki god statue. (The ones from Hawaii.)

Later in the afternoon I stop by my local Goodwill store to see if they have a curtain rod I need for my place. Lo, and behold! I found this:

Psychics constantly have to deal with weird stuff like this. LOL

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Nursery Rhyme #2

 "Ring Around The COOVID,

Uncle Sam's Wallet Is Opening,

Stimulus Check #1, Stimulus Check #2, Stimulus Check #3,

We All Get $$$Bank$$$."

My previous hit:

"Ring Around The COOVID,

Pocket full of Disinfectant Gel,

Social Distancing, Face Masks,

We All Fall Down."

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Lovecraft Country (2020)

This is awesome! A couple of black men and a woman are trying to make their way across country while having to deal with supernatural Lovecraftian-style monsters and the normal human variety, all during "Jim Crow"-type racism of the 1950s. You can watch the first episode for free at the link below. It starts out slow, building caracter and setting the back-story but by the middle you hear talk of a witch who was hanged for fornicating with the devil in the form of a black man, a town founded by witch hunters, and yes, MONSTERS!!!

Monday, February 22, 2021

Nursery Rhyme

 "Ring Around The COOVID,

Pocket Full Of Disinfectant Gel,

Social Distancing, Facemasks,

We All Fall Down."

Too Soon? 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Let Me Bum A Fag......The Interesting 'Good Luck' Rituals with Cigarettes/Cigars and Smoking

(FYI: In many countries "fag" is slang for a cigarette., Just so we're clear. :) lol)

The above picture (male on left) is of a good friend of mine who is now deceased. I give him full credit for much of the lore taught to me concerning the use/manipulation of cigarettes. He was a good friend and will be missed. 

The other night I was up rather late/ very early, and was smoking a cigarette. This is really bad.Why? Well, I had been smoke free for over 5 years due to using vape products and a "never give up" attitude. However, fate incerceeded. I became involved in a setback that rather forced me to return to smoking if a I were to truly need to use nicotine. So after not quite 2 years of returning to cigarettes I was up, couldn't sleep, smoking and most importantly, remembering things. This time I became fascinated with some rituals taught to me by my friend. 

Kevin was one of my best male friends back in the day. He was literally the only guy who wouldn't screw me over. The worst he ever did was steal my insert of a Nirvana cassette tape and swear he didn't know what happened to it and even though it was clearly hanging above his bead on his bedroom wall. Otherwise, his motto was "scam the scammers, con the con artists, trick the tricksters". 

Let me give hopefully in depth one of the most important rituals that smokers should be using as taught  by a then green haired and goofy 15 year old (I was like 17) with glasses and told with the upmost seriousness.

"When you purchase a pack of cigarettes you simply cannot just open the pack and light one up. You must sacrifice the first one in order to ensure you will have good luck. The first step is too make the first cigarette become the sacrafice of the first born by flipping it around so that the tobacco end that you would light is sticking upward while the rest of the cigarettes are those with the filter pointed up.

Now, once you have flipped it you can then choose another cigarette to smoke. Save the one that is upside down for the first person who asks you to borrow one or simply wait until the pack is empty and just offer it to someone you know who smokes and needs one. I would also add that if you save it for the last one used in the pack that you can also use it to be given to a saint you may be working with as a gift or in fullfillment of a vow. 

Believe it or not, rituals like the one above are quite common, though they may vary in length of instruction. Another version of a ritual is that also is quite common is that when you buy a pack you must turn it upside down and knock it three times on a hard surface or even the bottom of your shoe to compact the tobacco. It is believed that if you don't do this that something with the tobacco may go wrong or that you may not be able to smoke it. I was also told that if you don't do this that the tobacco may fall out of the cigarette while smoking. I have never had that actually happen though.

When it comes to tobacco, the herb itself has powers of both domination, communication, and use for enemy work. Black Candle Oil, an older formula of spiritual oil often made with Black Candle Tobacco, or twist tobacco, can be used anytime to dress black candles, for any reason that black candles may be used, including removing evil to even casting evil, gaining revenge, and gaining justified destruction. If you do not have any Black Candle Oil then a quick substitute can be had with a Black Candle dressed with one's preferred spiritual oil and rolled in tobacco by taking a cigarette and dumping the contens on a table. Roll the candle either toward or away from you three times to banish or draw something to you. 

Tobacco obtained from a cigarette can also quickly be added to any blend of domination, communication, or enemy work powder to add power and strength to such. 

Tobacco alone or soaked in whisky can be sprinkled or have the whisky sprinkled around the computer, phone, mail box, company water cooler, green room, apartment lounge, or any place associated with the exchanging of messeges 

A lit cigarette can be toked one to three times and then placed on the statue of a saint a worker may be working with. They usually also tend to blow it three times on the station. Some saint statues may also have a pin near the mouse that is used to put the lit cigarette on. This worked great for many decades. However, in an attempt to make safer cigarettes, manufactureres have now soaked the paper and filter in a substance that can not burn too easily or which is made to make the cigarette go out if simply left alone in an ash tray. 

My friend Kevin used to do a rather strange and well, interesting ritual that may appear shocking from a certain angle. The ritual is called "shotgun" but has nothing in common with the one that allows the sayer to sit in front seat when driving. This is a ritual that requires an intimate relationship with the participants free of or not caring if they are labelled homosexals, assuming if are both the same, or misunderstand that they are dating or are an item if heterosexual. In this ritual one person will deeply inhale the smoke of a cigarette (or joint if you prefer) and then will come in real close to the lips of the second person. The second person's slips will be slightly pursed but open and accepting of the smoke that is blown into them so that they make a deep inhale. There is a pause and then this is reveresed back to the first person. From a distance it may look like a "smokin" hot kiss. Please note that in the time of COVID that this ritual should not be done. There really is not lore of good luck but it does seem to come about through bets, dares, and guys or girls who aren't above giving the implication that they are bi or like to fool around just to make them look rebelious. 

Finally, three more magical uses, smoke from a cigarette can be blown on objects to cleanse them of any negativity. A large mound of tobacco can be placed in a bowl and lit and using a wing or something else can be fanned from one's own feet moving upwork to the top of your crown. Prayers for spiritual protection, reciting of Psalms, or rhymes asking for protection and especially spiritual invisibility from one's enemies are asked for. 

A very strong enemy work can be done by gaining or stealing a cigarette from a smoker and soaking it in waters used for evil messes. The cigarett can be carefully dried and if the paper is too discolored, it can be dumpled and placed inside a newer one. Just make sure it can be secretly placed back inside the pack of tobacco without the owner being aware.  Now, if you want to try this but don't want to soak the cigarette then a blunt can be substituted and sliced open with a razon and having been filled with any number of ingredients, can be given as a gift 

Please note: It is perfectily okay to exchange older cigarettes that have given to a saint for a new one. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Neat Conjure Tip For A Holiday Gift......Amulet Wall Hangings


Looking for a cool, DIY magical Christmas gift for these COVID times?  How about making deorative amulet wall hangings/Christmas Tree decorations!  You can even hang them in the car if you want.

Above is my cross that conceals Psalm 91, a SATOR square, one of the earliest symbols of Christianity,  and anti-Lilith charm complete with the three Angels who pursue her (Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semengelof), as well as "Adam and Eve barring Lilith:", and finally an ABRACADABRA charm, all on wood pieces bought at the dollar store. 

These take colored ink and even colored pencils rather nicely. Attach whatever you may and be creative about it. On my SATOR square I used the copper wire left over from some fairy lights I bought that did not work. It looks pretty cool. I gave them a quick rinse in brown paint that I severely wattered down to give it an aged appearece. When they are dry simply attach a hanger and felt to the back if you prefer.

I think I'm going to make some Planetary squares next, followed by actual seals from the various grimmoires. I might even make some with pictures of old hoodoo catalogs, such as from King Novelty. I'll be sure to post them as I complete them.