Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Hoodoo Hairy And The Hendersons.....Does Skunkape Use Asafetida?

Hoodoo-Conjuration-Witchcraft-Rootwork, Vol. 1.,  Page 53:

192. They used to say that there were yeahoos, something like to a bear, and we children were afraid to put our head out the door after night, and when I was a boy from twelve to thirteen years old, as soon as the sun were down, I was afraid to go down to the back part of the field after my sheep and lambs. [ Tyree Church , near Berlin , Worcester Co . , Md . , see Tyree Church in Index , ( 12) , Ed .]

A "yeahoo", a.k.a. "Yahoo", or otherwise known as a "Yowie" is a synonym for a giant, hairy humanoid monster, better known to Americans as "Bigfoot", Sasquatch, Skunkape, etc., except that it is referring to Australia! How the heck did this Southern black man come across talk of an Australian bigfoot? Hyatt's work is riddled with these very bizarre but fascinating gems. Seriously, like how did this man's family come to learn of this? Did they go to Australia? Were they originally from there? Just fascinating! Note that he said it's supposed to be something like a bear, a.k.a. hairy, bear-sized, but leaves out that it walks upright like a human. 

The Yahoo An Early Name For The Yowie

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